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Watsa happenin?

by: | March 9, 2012

Recent Commissions Completed

Well we’ve been really busy which is not an excuse for not being so up to date with the blog or not posting more regularly, we simply feel our posts better serve you when they have some actual content that matters. Or at least is informative.

This is not a post about code, development, design per se it is simply a “Watsa happenin” post to let you know what we’ve been up to internally and what we’re doing.

Recently we’ve been working with a few new clients, “Brighton Film School Central”, “Sylvan Homes” and “Home Farm life” and “Sophie Sheinwald Photography”. Here’s a brief overview of the commissions we’ve completed for them recently.

Brighton Film School Central

We were commissioned to design and develop the Brighton Film School Central’s inaugural course microsite “Spring Break Film Course“. We inherited the foundation of the design (from their sister site ‘Brighton Film School’) but took it a step further, adding a little more polish and making it device agnostic with a fully responsive design treatment.

Spring Break Film Course screenshot of Desktop and iPhone screens

We’re getting some great feedback, it looks really great. Just what we needed.
Howard Seal

You can see from the screenshot the design references used, the colour highlights and illustration of Spring. On the right some screenshots of the site show the dynamic navigation as presented on a smartphone when scaled to this size etc.

We were also brought in to design and produce a flyer for the local marketing campaign for the course, which has been distributed city wide, and you can see below. We crafted a bespoke Quick Response code for the flyer to drive traffic back to the site as well and incorporated the design elements to key of the site design.

Spring Break Film Course - flyer design

Sylvan Homes

It looks amazing, we’re so happy with it. Thanks for all your hard work.
Jon Kalviac

Specialising in eco developments, building and sustainable living and permaculture; Sylvan Homes provide courses in Yurt building from concept to completion in the “Future Roots” workshop-forest getaway in the surrounds of Brighton. We were commissioned to design a tri fold brochure to promote the courses locally. Working off the brief of “earthy colours and a graphic representation of some sort using roots and oak”, you can see what we produced in the image below, although there is a lovely embossed graphic emblazoned across the insert centerfold representing the roots growth into the earth as deep as the branches reach to the sky which looks great on the printed version.

Sylvan Homes - Promotional Yurt Making Course Brochure

Home Farm Life

As part of our “site in a day” initiative, well basically we created the initiative of the back of this project. Why? Well we were approached by Home Farm Life to help them promote their charity by creating a site in a day to present their image more favourably in the hope of securing some Lottery Funding and/or some corporate investment, to get their cause and the project off the ground and running.

The result, produced within our deadline, is appropriate, streamlined and stunning.
Dominic Arnold

Not what we would normally be involved in as we’re sticklers for process, planning, conceptualisation and quality assurance but we were available and willing to lend a hand for a good cause. Literally a site in a day as we had twenty four hours to complete the site and be live for whomever may wish/need/desire to view it following links in the proposals that had been submitted etc.

Considering the restraints we think that our responsive design enabled site is a bit of a smash and the initial reports back have been just as positive if not glowing!

Home Farm Life screenshot of Desktop and iPhone screens

Delivered as a responsive site, the screenshots show the smartphone representation of the content and dynamic menus, although simple in design, it is aesthetic, functional, informative and responsive. For a “site in a day” we’re pretty chuffed.

Sophie Sheinwald Photography

A second phase of development was commissioned for Sophie Sheinwald Photography (SSP) with the brief, to incorporate a flexible eCommerce shopping cart and payment solution for her clients.

Providing this level of granular flexibility and simplicity especially within the user interface for managing my galleries makes it a dream. I didn’t think it could be this usable and simple.
Sophie Sheinwald

We developed a bespoke plugin to create some additional flexibility on pricing structures and available sizes within the content management system. This provides SSP the flexibility to set prices for specific sizes site wide with a granular approach that enables per gallery over rides for any aspect of the cart via single input controls (setting a specific price, on a specific size, for every image in a specific gallery, in relation to a promotion for example). Considering that a gallery can have hundreds of images, in multiple size variations SSP saw this as the saving grace to their solution, set once and it is applied to all the images via a single management screen. “Providing this level of granular flexibility and simplicity especially within the user interface for managing my galleries makes it a dream. I didn’t think it could be this usable and simple”. Hooking the system into PayPal also helps enforce the end user confidence in the security and reliability of the system which at this stage in the eCommerce requirements for Sophie Sheinwald Photography is a perfect solution.

Sophie Sheinwald Photography Shopping Cart development

Don’t be shy let us know what you think in the comments, and if you’ve got a project brimming or simply need some great design or are considering developing or re-designing your website get in touch we’d love to hear from you!

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