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Awards – We WON!

by: | July 31, 2012

It’s Olympic season and everyone is excited by the current events taking place in London. The medals are being handed out to the winners and the statistics are tallying whose getting what.

Our last entry in the 2011 IVCA (International Visual Communications Association) awards for You be The Judge came second for the Ministry of Justice; being beaten by Starbucks. We were extremely proud of this achievement, having only had one resource delivering the entire project (barring script writing and filming). Thats right, we were involved in the initial concept, and delivered the branding, mood boards, information architecture, wireframes, design, development, statistical collation and content management. What an achievement!

Well, this time we WON!

We partnered with a local photographer and provided art direction for the shoots and then designed the winning entry for their submission. It was a graphic design competition to promote an groundbreaking achievement by the business with the winning entry being used for their national campaigns throughout 2012.

Unfortunately as we were designing for their entry, so we can’t mention what it is we actually won. But we won a graphic design competition that will roll out our design for their nation campaign. So even though we have to stay “mum” about it. We thought we’d give ourselves a little pat on the back for winning regardless.

Well done team Planet!

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