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Simple Twitter Tweets – FREE WordPress Plugin

by: | June 25, 2013

Simple Twitter Tweets FREE WordPress Twitter widget

WordPress is awesome. We develop and use a lot of different open source and proprietary systems, but for a lot of clients WordPress is not just the elective choice it’s the right choice.

Twitter is de rigueur and everyone wants to get the most of their Twitter stream, get it to more users, make it useful or just seen; and that means seen wherever. That’s where ‘Simple Twitter Tweets’ comes in. Your tweets on your website, your way.

We previously developed core code which we were using within our WordPress sites, but this was coded into the Themes template. Then Twitter changed their application to the new version 1.1 using the Open Authentication (OAuth) protocol. This switch happened back in March and yet so many plugins just broke and stayed broke! So we worked up our code and thought we’d release it as a plugin too.

We had tried various plugins which were either too convoluted or just didn’t work. So we created Simple Twitter Tweets a FREE WordPress plugin for displaying your Tweets on your WordPress website with ease. As simple as 1,2,3 really. The hardest part, we realised, was explaining how the user creates their free Twitter Application within their Twitter profile in order to Authenticate their Tweets with the Twitter system. So we wrote a step by step instruction guide explaining the process, this step by step guide is in the installation instructions and on the plugin information page.

Oh, but it does so much more for a simple plugin

Yes it does, but not in a complicated functionality sort of way (it is ‘Simple Twitter Tweets’ after all); but in a stability and redundancy sort of way. This simply means – displaying your Tweets on your website even when the Twitter Application server is unavailable, or your server host is over subscribed (having pulled too many Tweets from a single address), yes Twitter has limits on this and it’s pretty few actually.

So as users, you just install, input your Twitter name and the information from the Twitter Application you created and your done. Every time your website connects to Twitter we store your Tweets in the database, not all your Tweets ever, just the last set you displayed, so if the next person loads your page during one of those times mentioned above, your site still displays your Tweets – cool huh.

The plugin page is here, and you can download it from the plugins store here for FREE.

Do let us know what you think, and happy Tweeting.

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