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Dean Rahaman is 360 Fitness Coaching, an all round personal trainer, fitness and sport rehabilitation coach. Dean has an (un)healthy obsession for Kettle Bells and ViPR training methods as a complete training system. And he's not wrong, from our taster sessions he knows his stuff and this stuff really works!

Dean is just getting started with his personal training business. He’s been training people for years but is finally taking the leap to deliver his 360 Fitness regime under his own steam.

With a limited budget it was decided we would use an industry template as the foundation for the site. This saved on core design and development costs. We cleaned it up, gave it a bit of spit and polish, added some additional design aesthetics and iconography; as well as a professional photo shoot with Sophie Sheinwald Photography.

We setup 360 Fitness with the GoCardless system to accept direct debit payments from clients. The CMS provides an interface for 360 Fitness to construct the payments page and options for services and paylinks.

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Template development, additional design, formatting, architecture and resourcing.


Information architecture, design touches. iconography, development, quality assurance and control, user testing and compliance.

Technologies used

WORDPRESS - PHP - MySQL - HTML5 - CSS - JavaScript - AJAX - JQuery

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