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CJS Frontline

CJS Frontline Practitioners portal

The Criminal Justice System (CJS) is one of the major public services in the country. Across the CJS, agencies such as the police, the Crown Prosecution Service, the courts, prisons and probation work together to deliver criminal justice.

Frontline Matters was developed to provide information and guidance for people working on the Frontline of the criminal justice system (CJS).

Produced to provide a single source of guidance, best practice, and news affecting criminal justice practitioners, the site was well received and used nationally as intended and also provided additional resources for local criminal justice boards (lcjbs).

Content absorbed by – Site no longer available.


Design and develop a site for frontline practitioners to find information, guidance, best practice and news from within the criminal justice system. A frontline portal of centralised information was developed as a hub for practitioners to interface with and find what they required to do their jobs better and more efficiently.


Wire-framing, design, quality assurance and control and user testing. Redesign and develop a website for the specific areas of maintaining the continuity of information, best practice, sharing guidance and branding resources for criminal justice professionals

Technologies used

PHP - MySQL - XML - XSL(T) - XHTML - CSS - JavaScript - FLEX (bespoke video player)

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