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Impendium – User Experience Design

Impendium User Experience consultation

Impendium systems, part of the Deutsche Börse Group provides regulatory software solutions. This enables their clients to meet their global regulatory and reporting obligations. Helping the financial industry be more accountable and transparent.

Impendium commissioned us to enhance the user experience (UX) of their software. We started with an initial landscape review, performed client and stakeholder interviews and provided a heuristic review of the application. We delivered an initial quick wins and recommendations document enhancing the speed and performance of the application. Additionally providing some initial UX recommendations for consistency in visual design and interaction modelling.

From our user interviews and industry research we developed our user personas. We designed persona information sheets and created educational resources to support organisation wide acceptance, adoption and use.

We provided extra consultancy for business intelligence, further defining user journeys, interaction models and wireframes for a regulatory pilot simulation.


Landscape review, heuristic evaluation and report, user and stakeholder interviews, workshop facilitation and strategy consultation. Design and layout for persona information sheets and full colour A4 educational booklet. Information flows and interactive wireframes for future pilot simulation.


Strategy, facilitation, evaluation, graphic design, print preparations and finalisation. Graphic design, layout, visual design and interactive modelling.

Technologies used

Photoshop Illustrator InDesign Balsamiq Lucidchart

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