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Inside Justice Week ’08

Inside Justice Week 2008

Office for Criminal Justice Reform, department of the Ministry of Justice responsible for reforming the Criminal justice System.

Inside Justice Week was created to make the Criminal Justice System (CJS) open and accessible to the public while educating and informing them and to raise awareness and increase positive perception of “Inside Justice” as a concept in local communities throughout England and Wales.

The website was built to engage the public so that they will actively promote and attend “Inside Justice Week” (IJW) and the concept of “Inside Justice”. With a purpose to open up the justice system and create a more informed and positive perception of the work of the CJS through the media. The national and local events were developed to initiate discussion and activities in communities to create greater involvement with the CJS and demonstrate a year on year increase in public confidence in the CJS.

Site no longer available.


Design a site to inform and engage the public. Develop interactivity through periodic justice professional bloggers, email subscription, online polls, reuse flash walk-throughs of key justice locations, events map for location and information and provide additional resources to the media, event organisers and schools. Bespoke administration for statistical analysis of interactive polls, events database management and email marketing.


Content analysis, information architecture, wire-framing, design, development, quality assurance and control, user testing and compliance

Technologies used

PHP - MySQL - XHTML - CSS - JavaScript

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