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Planet Interactive OS

Planet Interactive desktop application

Back In 2001 Planet Interactive existed on the cutting edge of multi media technologies for the web. Developing our first Internet presence as a faux desktop operating system. All interactions were stored within a database assigned to the users specific login credentials. This enabled a fully immersive experience where the users background selections, whether full colour (of the users choice) or one of the supplied background images (sized per the users viewport – monitor/resolution size) and music selection was stored, and retrieved on login. All the icons to specific areas of the site and the various presentation windows were stored in terms of their respective co-ordinates too.

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The first iteration of the Planet Interactive digital media solutions immersive interactive experience. A Flash (Macromedia back then, prior to Adobe) interface designed to interface with the user/client and store their requirements for their ongoing use of the site. As an aside and some fun we provided the snack shack, a recipe dump for quick and fast office snacks. We also provided a full user forum for our clients and users interact and communicate. As well as news releases and special dates; like the birth of Ashley's first child Ayana.

Technologies used

PHP - MySQL - FLASH AS2 - HTML - CSS - JavaScript

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