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Real Meetings – Mobile

Real Meetings Mobile

The Pear Group have developed four practical offers to help companies do better business — one meeting a time: Digital Learning, Live Training, In-Meeting Mentoring and Keynote Presentations. These are based on the revolutionary ideas in Will There Be Donuts? and road tested in some of the world's leading organisations.

Real Meetings is the new web-based learning service from the Pearl Group that supports informal and collaborative learning.

The Pearl Group commissioned us to further enhance the initial development using our elastiView™ technology.

Enhancing the initial development and ensuring the user journey is an “optimised everywhere” experience guarantees the brand journey is maintained.

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Using our elastiView™ technology to provide a visually optimized device agnostic experience. The Real Meetings website provides the same brand experience everywhere and anywhere.


Design, Development, Responsive Design, video optimisation, user testing, quality assurance and control.

Technologies used

Photoshop - PHP - HTML5 - CSS - JavaScript - JQuery

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