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Real Meetings

Real Meetings - a tessello application

The Pear Group have developed four practical offers to help companies do better business — one meeting a time: Digital Learning, Live Training, In-Meeting Mentoring and Keynote Presentations. These are based on the revolutionary ideas in Will There Be Donuts? and road tested in some of the world's leading organisations.

Real Meetings is a tessello application – a web-based learning service from the Pearl Group that supports informal and collaborative learning.

The Pearl Group commissioned us to develop the promotional website for this groundbreaking online e-learning solution based on the ideas in ‘Will there be donuts? by David Pearl.

We produced the site using our elastiView™ technology  to provide an enhanced user experience whether on a desktop, laptop, tablet device or mobile–just like the application itself.

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We develop the Real Meetings website as a single page site to mirror the brand experience of the Real Meetings tessello application. Using similar iconography, animation styling and interaction models enhancing the user experience. We implemented our elastiView™ technology to provide a visually optimised device agnostic experience.


Design, Development, Interaction design, Responsive Design, video optimisation, user testing, quality assurance and control.

Technologies used

Photoshop - PHP - HTML5 - CSS - JavaScript - JQuery

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