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Secure eMail

Secure eMail microsite

Criminal Justice IT (CJIT) is part of the Office for Criminal Justice Reform (OCJR) in the UK and is a cross-departmental team covering the Home Office, the Department for Constitutional Affairs and the Attorney General’s Office.

Secure eMail was developed to give Criminal Justice Organisations and practitioners the confidence to send sensitive information via email.

Secure eMail is provided by the Office for Criminal Justice Reform. Although the service is run by the Government, the Government does not have a right to view the content of any of the emails being transmitted across the service.

This site was developed to highlight the benefits of Secure eMail as a technology for CJS professionals and to enable organisations to sign up to the service and provide help and support through interactive eLearning.

Application launched – site offline


We were brought in by CJIT to oversea the design and development of the Microsite and eLearning applications. We consulted on usability and accessibility, ensuring quality assurance and control over the development and implementation for both the site and the web based application itself. Additionally we provided on-going support and site maintenance/updates.


Development, usability and accessibility consultancy, quality assurance and control

Technologies used


Other projects

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