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Waymark – email signature

Waymark email signature

Waymark are strategy, change management, communications and resourcing consultants who see change in the context of the whole business. In their own words, Waymark will "... guide you through transformations and organisational culture change."

Supporting corporate identity continuity is part of our core brand services. Where applicable and supported by the client we provide the additional service of cross device management implementation of email signatures.

Waymark commissioned us to design their corporate signature, with all the barriers this provides to ensure visual continuity across systems, devices, software etc. Additionally we provided process, direction and implementation documentation for their email signature use on their desktop email client, tablets and smartphones.

Continuity across devices – regardless of where they’re emailing from it always looks beautiful.


Interactive consultancy, design, documentation and implementation support.


Design, development, documentation, technical support.

Technologies used

Photoshop - HTML - CSS

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