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Planet Interactive provides a host of services from graphic design for print media to all manner of digital and website design solutions and creative artworking.

Our creative team are skilled at developing designs which fuse your brand values with the needs of your key audience groups. Our development team turns the artwork into a reality with clean, future proof presentation markup (CSS), front end code and behind the scenes (server and database) coding. Together, we make usable and memorable online experiences, which are easy to navigate, visually stimulating and accessible.

Design is thinking made visual

Saul Bass

Our process ensures that the right things get done at the right time. Your project plan will be developed in phases to make deliverables predictable and manageable. It also frees our designers to do what they do best — design awesome products.

Website design process

Our process involves various phases defined below, to learn more about these phases in detail see our development process.

  • Discovery phase – find out what is needed and wanted
  • Architecture – define the development requirements, process and information flows (IA)
  • Vision – define the design requirements, mood boards, wireframes and visual concepts
  • Implementation – Design and develop the product from specifications
  • Accessibility – ensure the accessibility of the product to reach the widest audience
  • Validation – check and recheck the deliverables
  • Launch – go-live
  • Nurture – maintain contact to refine and develop the product further

Graphic design

This is where our designers work specifically for offline print media. We provide graphic design services for:

  • Corporate stationary
  • business cards
  • leaflets
  • flyers
  • brochures
  • newsletters
  • catalogues
  • merchandising
  • events promotion and stands

We love to create and to innovate so get in touch to discuss your project requirements now.

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