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Mobilize you website now

Go Mobile

Ensuring your website and services are available to all your audience no matter where they are, is a priority in this day and age. Not having a mobile ready site is like saying you don’t care. Especially when more and more people are surfing the web and more importantly buying products and services via their mobile/tablet devices. It’s time to Go Mobile.

Should I Go Mobile?

The simple answer is YES! Why, because millions of people surf the web on mobiles and tablets and this is continually increasing.

The NY Times reported, “Mobile devices, which includes smartphones and tablets, now account for 7 percent of worldwide traffic on the Web, according to a report issued in October 2011 by comScore, which monitors online trends. ComScore said this is the first year it has created a mobile report, so the company did not have information on the growth of mobile traffic in previous years.”

Basically, 77 percent of the world’s population subscribe to mobile, that’s 5.3 billion people. That’s a lot of potential.

But do I need a mobile site?

Yes it’s true iPhone users can double tap to enlarge text and scroll around etc. but the iPhone is not the only internet enabled phone and the true nature of the mobile web needs to be focused on usability, the users interaction with your site and your brand. Do you want to make it a seamless process to get your information or buy your products. From a branding perspective the answer is yes every time. There can be great impact and appreciation (even when not realised) by the simplest of actions like the readability of your text, simplicity of your navigation or simply not displaying an image that would take up the whole screen on the phone when the user is trying to get your phone number or get in touch etc. providing a mobile solution is no longer an option, it’s a must have.

Do I need an app?

Their are options when it comes to delivering your mobile interface to your users and this will be based upon your requirements and what your users need to do. We can revel in the fact that mobile web browsers are increasingly enhancing their performance and so a lot of the time a mobile website will be preferable over a devise specific application. With the power of responsive design a single solution can provide the answer to all your requirements by producing a device agnostic website.

But do I need an app?
Well, what do you want your users to do? Find you and information you provide, buy a product or service or do you want to offer an integrated business solution for repeat use and data storage or even a game. You need to answer these questions and more to get the answer to this question, but asking them means your on the right path. Get in touch and let us help you find the answers.

Simply put, Go Mobile now and get your audience on the move.

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