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Process driven agile development


Our strategy and quality control processes are simple, know where you’re at and know where you want to get to. This enables us to jointly devise strategic programs to reach your goals.

Having an amazing web presence doesn’t automatically bring commercial reward. Making your business a success online requires careful ongoing strategic management. This all starts with an inspiring brand and amazing web presence that helps promote and convert potential clients.

What do you want to achieve or avoid? The answers to this question are objectives. How will you go about achieving your desired results? The answer to this you can call strategy.

William E Rothschild

We use the term strategy two fold. First in the strategic design and development of your brand and digital solution to ensure that all your goals, user journeys are achieved with effortless ease. This can involve extensive cross browser, operating system and usability testing and optimisation. Quality control is important to us, it’s our reputation on the line as well as your business success.

Secondly we apply a strategic approach to your online social media strategies and marketing as a whole. Ensuring you are placed in the social media marketplace to increase your profile, brand awareness as well as prospects.


If you already have a website we will analyse your existing business online including your current results, Google Analytics and other online tools as well as any customer feedback you have received. This builds a set of benchmarks from which improvements can be measured.

Your social media presence

Reviewing your wider digital presence where available or advise and develop a social media strategy to incorporate your use of community, image and video, blogging, newsletters and partner relationships.

Integrating social media platforms to ensure coverage of your communications and content to widen your audience catchment is imperative in this day and age. We have solutions for centralising these media outlets to increase your use satisfaction and simplify your content management and distribution.

Competitor analysis

Knowing what your competitors are doing is important. Together we can analyse and develop strategies to increase your competitive approach; and increase your market share and brand awareness.

An ongoing relationship

Where we are engaged on a continuous basis we will help clients begin to optimise their sites and look at identifying and optimising the opportunities made available. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your digital strategy. We offer a fresh perspective on sites and projects that are under-performing.

Our strategic and consultancy services are cost effective; moving your projects and way of thinking forward quickly. So if you need an objective perspective on an existing site or project we’d love to hear from you.

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