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Adding a whole new dimension


The web is vast and competition is fierce, the need to deliver effective communications that get quick results is even more important. Building brand awareness, communicating clearly and engaging your users and prospects is a major priority. This is where video shines.

Web video and video landing pages generate higher engagement with the viewer vs. static images and text landing pages.  Optimised web video is 53 times more likely to appear on the front page of Google, vs. text only pages with similar content.

Source Forrester Research. Jan 2010

Historically, the only way to utilise video for your products and services was to advertise on TV, in Cinemas or via your own website.  Now, with the advent of YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and many more, you can simply “broadcast yourself”, to a global audience. The kids are all doing it, everyones doing it, more importantly big brands have shown the power of using it appropriately; now’s your opportunity so please contact us to discuss how we can help.

Some example videos

Ambermoves - Moving a sofa, through a first storey windowAmbermoves - How to move a pianoCriminal Justice Information Technology - unit meeting on brand awareness

As technology becomes even more powerful, the true value of video to your business has become self evident. It’s value to existing, lapsed or prospective consumers, continuing to communicate your brand’s values, identity and proposition, primarily by maximising brand awareness but also driving traffic to your website is clear.

Marketing strategy for Social Media

In addition to getting your message across to a wide variety of audiences, across appropriate platforms, web video has significant SEO benefits over text and images when handled correctly. Nearly 40% of Google users now see video in their results. SEO experts believe it is far easier to get a website with video to the top of the search rankings than one that contains just text. YouTube is now second to Google for searches, whilst Facebook is the third largest site for video consumption on the web. Video should therefore be a major factor when considering marketing strategy for social media.

Google Rankings

Studies by Forrester Research suggest that videos themselves have a 53 times better chance of appearing on the first page of “blended” search results, than other web pages. Videos can be optimised for search engines by writing keywords into the titles, tags and descriptions.  This data is then embedded with the video, on pages carrying relevant text. Combining this with Google “sitemaps for video” adds additional pull to your marketing power online.

Why video?

We’ve stated some of the benefits of video, but really the numbers speak for themselves. Figures released suggest that publishing video on a website means 33% more users are likely to interact with the site, and are likely to stay on for almost twice as long than a site with still images. This is priceless in terms of your brand. But in terms of sales?

At least 50% of the top 50 Internet retailers utilise web video, so if they are investing in it, it must be profitable and beneficial to their business. It is proven that retail web video viewers will make a purchase online or will visit a store to find out more, or contact the retailer for more information.

Video streaming through social networking sites increased 98% year on year in 2009, according to Nielsen, and the equivalent of 46.2 years of YouTube videos are watched via Facebook, every day.

What can you do with video?

Video is a powerful medium, as mentioned the most popular activity on the web is watching videos, but what can you do with video?

Some examples:

  • How to use your products/services
    • User guides/HowTo’s. How many features of a product or service do we actually use? Knowing more enhances our experiences and perceptions of products and services
    • Product overviews/highlights – sell the benefits
  • Become a leader
    • Show and share your industry knowledge
    • Innovate and educate
    • Show and tell, you know more than you think you do; and thats of value
  • Meetings and Events
    • Reach a larger audience
    • Build excitement and further discussions/interactions
  • Marketing
    • Support your advertising with more in depth messaging
    • Enhance you social campaigns
    • Don’t forget increased SEO performance!
  • Testimonials
    • The personal touch cannot be underestimated. People trust people. Assisting customers who are undecided by giving genuine customer feedback
    • Deliver personal messaging
  • Or even something more creative, engaging and possibly (the holy grail) viral

Adding value with YouTube

Once we’ve created videos that can add value and prepared you on how best to self broadcast your organisation moving forward; be it reporting from your trade shows, video blogging etc. We can setup your bespoke branded YouTube channel and following these succinct points gain real value from your videos.

  • Your custom YouTube Channel enables you to present a consistent message that is on brand.  It also enables your viewers to interact in a more robust way by subscribing to your channel, receiving updates when you post new videos and furthering brand interactions through comments and discussions
  • You/we can further ensure your video posts are highly visible by including a transcript, a title, a detailed description and tags; SEO for video techniques
  • You can also use annotations within your videos to create calls to action. Link to your website for more information, include a phone number to generate sales leads
  • Promote your videos to your community via social media. Twitter and Facebook for example, getting increased value by distribution of content
  • Check the traffic reports that come with your YouTube Channel regularly to gather valuable data about your videos. How many viewers, which videos, and viewer demographics
    • Together we can use this data to adjust your strategy moving forward

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