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Simple Twitter Tweets

Simple Twitter Tweets

Display your Twitter Tweets on your WordPress website. No coding, simple configuration, using the new Twitter API v.1.1. Failsafe database storage of previous Tweets in case Twitter is over subscribed or your connection fails etc. your site will still display your previous Tweets until the API frees up.

The majority of the detail on this page (other than the description, features etc.) describes how to create a Twitter Application to get access to your Tweets. If you already have an Application created or know this, jump to the Simple Twitter Tweets Options.

Why did we create this?

Our clients, especially on shared hosting were having issues with the Twitter API not displaying their tweets, too many connections from the same source (host). We solved that issue, then lo and behold Twitter changed their API so displaying your own Tweets required OAuth authentication and finally we buckled and decided to roll our own so it would be simple for them, for us and for you.

Twitter changed their API again. Removing version 1.0 of the API altogether and by forcing version 1.1 of the API and use of the OAuth authentication requirement. We wrote this plugin so everyone could have it at a click of a button.

There are a few Twitter plugins out their, but we couldn’t find one simple enough, or that worked (to be honest) and so the Simple Twitter Tweets plugin was born.

Twitter users who want to display their Tweets on their website (or within an application) have to create a Twitter Application to get access to the required “Keys” and “Tokens” Twitter provides for Authentication. The instructions for this are provided below so you can be up and running with Tweets on your site in less time than it takes to make a cup of Tea.



Installation is as simple as 1,2,3 or maybe 4 because of Twitter.

Creating a Twitter Application

If you change your Twitter password, you won’t need to update any of the details of your Widget as it is all handles by the Twitter Application; security built in. So lets get creating you an Application and get you all setup.

To create the Application and get the details we need go to (Opens in a new page).

1. Click “Sign In”.

Twitter Developers Sign In

Once you have logged in successfully

2. Hover over your name in the top right corner.

3. Move down the list and

4. Select “My applications”.

Twitter Developers My Applications menu

5. Select “Create a new application” on the right side of the screen

Twitter Developers Create a New Application

6, 7, 8. Enter a unique name (anything you want), a description (again this is just for you), and your site’s URL. You can leave the Callback URL empty as it is not used for this implementation.

Select yes I agree (to the terms of use), fil lin the CAPTCHA and…

Click the “Create your Twitter Application” Button.

Twitter Developers Create an Application inputs

Yay, success – OK! You will be taken to a new screen, there’s one more step then you can copy all the details into the correct fields of the Widget and be on your way.

9. OK, click the “Create my Access Token” button. This is a shortcut to authenticate your own account with your application (so you never need use your password).

Twitter Developers Create an Access Token

Good. All the information you need is now ready. If you navigated away or just for clarity click the Details Tab as all the information you need is presented here so you can just copy the required information into the exact corresponding inputs fields of the Widget.

10. In your WordPress Admin if you haven’t placed your Widget where you want it, nows the time to do it. Hover over “Appearance” and select “Widgets”.

Wordpress Admin Widgets Menu

11. Select the “Simple Twitter Tweets” widget (you did install it right?) and drag it to the Widget section you want it in.

Wordpress Widgets Item

Click the title bar to open it and fill in the details, ready.

Simple Twitter Tweets Options

1,2,3,4. Copy the fields from the “Twitter Application” to the “Widget options” – name for name.

Simple Twitter Tweets Widget Options

Options in more detail

Twitter Follow (v1.2 additions)

Adding a Twitter follow button can entice your users to follow you on Twitter. Giving them a simple one click option just increases the chances. We have implemented all the required code for you. You simply have to choose which aspects of the button you want displayed under your Tweets on your site.

Options to implement the Twitter Follow Button

Twitter Follow Button Options

These additional options have been added for version 1.2 of Simple Twitter Tweets.

Your button your way – we’re just keeping it simple. Open up the options panel, select as desired and click save. Your done.

Don’t forget to click SAVE.


Your Tweets your way

OK, so now you’ve overcome the API hurdle, simple huh. Your Tweets are coming in, but they are just a simple unordered list and you want more (if you do!).

The Styles

The Tweets are in a widget as with all widgets, and are a simple unordered list.

Your Tweets Your Way - Tweet styles

And that’s all their is to it.


Something not working the way you want or you want to propose some functionality enhancement, you can get support here or email support here.

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