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Speed up your site with RC3 - Review Collate and Compress

Speed up your website

Our RC3 “Speed up your website” package was developed to ensure your site and your users benefit from the website speed increases available from our “review, collate and compress” procedures.

Firstly, your website’s speed matters! Users are fickle and easily irritated, you simply don’t want their first impression to be associated with a slow or sluggishly loading website. This could have multiple repercussions down the line; if the user sticks around that long.

Secondly, Google is now including your websites speed within its search engine positioning algorithm. That’s right, your site can be penalised or placed lower in the rankings because of its speed. So speed up your website now.

Solution – bring on the speed

The solution is simple. Our RC3 package exists for all existing websites (any new Planet developments incorporate these procedures as standard).

RC3 – speed up your website, is a three fold process:


An initial overview of your current sites implementation is undertaken. We provide you with a full report of your current speed metrics, connectivity issues, number of connections and possible improvements etc. Plus your current rating as defined by Yahoo’s speed benchmarking metrics.


Without getting technical, the number of times a website has to speak to the originating server is a factor of the speed. We will collate and combine all your scripts and style files wherever possible and provide explanations on implementation.


Compression is the buzz right now as the savings can be immense. There are many aspects to this feature. The first of which is the initial compression we will apply to all the collated files which will be packed to send back to you. The second aspect to compression is detailed in the report and additional documentation you receive back.

What do you get



Important: You must be hosting your own website, and have access to the source code for your site to make the changes proposed and implement the new files delivered by us. If you are using a “build your own website” service delivered by a hosting provider, but do not have access to the server files and source code; this service is not for you. Note refunds will incur a 10% admin fee.

Please provide your website address and contact email so we can action your purchase immediately and send you your report and files when complete.
All this for only £150.00 + VAT

If you would like us to implement the changes on your behalf, please contact us following your purchase so we can assess your requirements further* or call now +44 (0)1273 324543.

*There is a cost difference for implementation depending on whether your site is static, dynamic (PHP, ASP based with structured headers/footers) or content managed.

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