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Why this why that? – Presenting the why series

by: | February 17, 2012

Why this why that - the why series?

This starts the why series. Why, because we get asked a lot of questions and figure it’s better to share the answers on mass and fill the void. I’m not always sure there is a void out there when it comes to “the why”, but as clients keep asking “why” – well, here is a better way to provide the because…

So, you have a company, a product, a service or specific talent. Maybe you’ve been doing this a while or you could be just starting out with a new career or venture, it does not matter, you’re on the web (we know because you are reading this) and so the why series is for you.

The structure of the posts appears below, want a post on a specific “why”, go ahead and let us know in the comments. Anyway the format will look like this.

  • Question: Why …?
  • Overview of the subject, in brief –  it wont be encyclopedic
  • Present the the status quo or the current scene
  • Delve a little deeper
  • Explain some benefits
  • Share some tips
  • Conclusion

This is a rough outline and I’m sure it will evolve as we continue with the series, but this is a pretty good starting point.

Got any questions, comments or suggestions then please post below.

Oh, by the way, the fist post coming is “Why blog” – seems pertinent huh!

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